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Inspirational. Engaging. Relatable. Action-Oriented. Usable Knowledge.

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It is not easy getting to success however we define it, and the odds are not always in our favor.
My journey is focused on helping young Black women and girls to beat the odds.


Upcoming Events

The Rules of Engagement are Changing Every Day!

This one day seminar is for everyone that needs to understand and master workplace arbitrations-arbitrators, human resources teams, individuals, and their advisors.

Please visit my new blog celebrating Brilliant Black Women as we live Life While Black.  There is no greater joy than sharing tools to thrive in turbulent times to build our strength and feed our ability to champion each other.


From encouraging and emboldening our activism spirit to nurture our recoveries from setbacks, set-ups, and disappointments to championing our successes, we are stronger together.


Consultant, Speaker & Trainer
Authentic. Humorous. . Action-Oriented. Usable Knowledge.

Boss Girl Raye Mitchell is a sought-after public speaker, workshop leader, and expert helping women master their skills in power, influence, and negotiations.  Mitchell delivers motivational keynote speeches as well as subject matter expertise on trending issues, business challenges and societal and cultural matter cross multiple sectors and industries and organizations ranging in size and scope. Mitchell's trademarked power and influence programs are based on                                  customized for each team or individual. Mitchell enjoys working with nonprofits, women's organizations, employee groups, books clubs, and the faith community to deliver cost efficient workshops and speaking events.


A sample of topics include:


Professional &

Personal Development

  • How to Master Power,
    Agility & Influence

  • Creative Genius-Raising
    Your Visibility, Presence
    and Personal Branding

  • Negotiation, Conflict
    Resolution & Deal Making


Motivational &


  • Breaking Through,
    Breaking Out & Defying
    the Odds

  • Angels Waiting AheadTM.
    The Power of Faith and
    Strong Leadership Accuman

  • Mastering Your Winning EdgeTM

Social Justice, Gender Equality Empowering Girls

  • Empowering Young Women and Girls as Leaders

  • #ANewDay. Black Women and Girls in Leadership in the Age of 'Me Too'

  • Obstruction of Justice and Access to Civil Justice

Cultural &

Topical Issues

  • Our Voices. Our Stories. Writing as a Creative Leadership Tool

  • Wellness, Well-Being and Happiness

  • Cultural Humility, Building Bridges and Finding Common Ground in the Age of Reality TV Syndrome


I Want to Help You


You Don't Have to Take This Journey Alone. Committed to Helping You Raise Your Visibility, Boost Your Power and be a More Effective Influencer, I am Constantly Creating New Programs to Support You.

I Want to Help You

Meet Raye

Meet Raye

Why do you do it? The is single most common question I am asked in interviews, when mentoring young girls, young women or veterans, is this question. While I am blessed with a full resume, hard-earned credentials, and the support of high-profile professionals as listed below, and the girls that I have mentored, the most important thing I want to do in my life is. . .

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