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Free Workshop Series

#BeatTheOdds is a free interactive workshop provided by Raye Mitchell, Esq., The Winning Edge Institute, Inc., and


The primary goal of the workshop is to provide insights and inside leadership and negotiation tools for women of color who seek to beat the odds and rise up as leaders in their personal, professional, and community endeavors. 



Helping Women of Color Rise-Up:


Building on the primary model of Mitchell's signature program entitled The Rise-Up Formula,™ this interactive workshop promises a fun, enjoyable, and informal learning environment with a strategic overview on leadership, negotiation, conflict resolution, and deal making skill sets:


  • Mastering workplace & personal disruptions

  • Raising your Agility and influence Quotient™

  • Preparedness-Know your B.A.T.T.L.E.™ position at all times

  • Wellness and self-care when under siege

Why We Need This Workshop Series:


Women and girls of color are under siege. Getting to the C-suite is more challenging than ever for women of color, especially Black women, and building our pipeline is an imperative. We as Black women are legendary for our ability to beat the odds through persistence, resource sharing, and building strategic alliances to raise our voices and tell our stories.  


We cannot give ground and allow others to define our journey and tell our stories. Our voices and stories are unique. While we discuss sexual harassment as an initial conversation as the #TimesUp Movement, the struggle is always about power and influence.

We as women of color and Black women have both shared and unique experiences as the general population of women.  The purpose of the #BeatTheOdds Workshop Series is to capture our unique experiences and perspectives in the quest to shift the power imbalance in all sectors.


GREAT Workshop in Atlanta, GA

May 12, 2018:



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