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Want to be a stronger influencer, negotiator, and dealmaker?


Black women influencers, you want to be at the top of your game and you know that mastering grace under fire is both skill and art.

Yes, Black women are strong. Yes, Black women are warrior sistas that take care for others before we take care for ourselves. Yes, they are raised to resist and persist no matter how difficult the challenge and how big the threat.

In this book, the author shares some of the secrets of what it takes to maintain integrity when locked in tough negotiations and critical battles they encounter every day in a wide range of power struggles to advance ourselves.

Applying lessons learned real world experience and addressing the needs of millions of women of color influencers and persuaders, this book is about cracking the code on how Black women master persuasion, influence, negotiations, and life in general.

This work, a stand-alone piece, also provides the back story as the companion workbook for Black Women Persuaders, Influencers and Negotiators, an innovative and new course designed to meet the needs of Black women to negotiate and make deals in all sectors from the arts to the boardroom and hosted by Raye Mitchell and The Winning Edge Institute’s (  This book and the companion course helps them beat the odds by deploying outside-the-box thinking, strategies, and a few lessons learned from a veteran fighter and advocate for change and disruption of the status quo. 

This book is for every Black woman who wants to be an effective influencer and make a difference in a noisy world of competing issues and opportunities. It is not only for lawyers.

Rise-Up Leadership Series


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            Insights. Interactive-Journal. Integrated. The Derived from years of research, experience, and lessons learned along the way from leaders like Michelle Obama and a host of high profile influencers, this power and influence leadership training series shares a few lessons learned from veteran fighters that empower women to rise-up as leaders and disrupt the status quo.  Focused on building core expertise in fortifying your personal brand, mastering negotiation and deal making skills, this unique master series will enable you to become the ultimate influencer, brander and persuader.

Designed to work separately and together, this six-book series provides maximum flexibility, in a limited amount of time and propels you to not just lean-in, but rise-up to beat the odds by deploying outside-the-box thinking, strategies, and forward moving action plans.

Full Series and Online Courses included with Executive Membership.

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Non-Fiction Works
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