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Non-Fiction Works

A Plan of Action to Help

Black Girls Rock Power


Invisible No More. Empowering Young Black Women and Girls to Rise-Up as Leaders is a plan of action that provides a promise of “Me Too” for inclusion and participation at the leadership table for young Black women and girls and to help create that new day where the leaks in America’s leadership pipeline that have left young Black women and girls falling through the cracks are forever plugged.


America has a serious problem. Black women and girls are invisible at America’s leadership tables and pipelines.


Here’s a plan to fix the problem.


From the schoolroom to the boardroom, there is a national crisis of invisibility for Black women and girls. While highly visible, millions of Black women and girls are virtually invisible at the leadership tables of America. The number of African-American chief executive officers (CEO) is so low that we are losing the race to achieve real diversity. in the traditional and newly forming notions of the C-suite.


Invisible No More. Empowering Young Black Women and Girls to Rise-Up as Leaders presents integrated groundbreaking insights and a plan of action to address the leadership crisis facing corporate and non-corporate America in meeting the urgent need for diversity and leadership inclusion of Black women and to build a substantial pipeline of leaders that put Black girls in line to move forward.


This book presents a comprehensive deep dive into how to solve this emerging crisis of invisibility by answering two critical questions; How did we get here? What do we do to rise-up and lead forward?

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