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Everything is a negotiation. If you want to grab the moment, beat the odds of achieving your goals and your vision, protecting and leveraging a strong brand is your ultimate competitive advantage and asset.  Personal branding is your critical leverage skill that enhances negotiation strength in all low and high-stakes transactions, interactions and exchanges.   This is a must-have book and book series if you care about protecting your most valuable intellectual property asset-your personal brand.  Whether you are a woman making decision early in your career, a mid-level manager, or a rising c-suite level executive, How Women Negotiate From a Position of Strength is a quick and handy primer and interactive journal that you want to keep handy as you leverage master your rise-up in leadership. It is a tool to help the reader beat the odds and negotiate from a position of strength and leverage. 


How Women Negotiate From a Position of Strength is a quick and easy read with step-by-step action items. Complete with an interactive work journal so that you can instantly begin to blend your thoughts, observations and accountability plan with the insights captured in the book. When finished, you have your own 90-day plan customized to your needs.

Rise-Up Leadership Series


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            Insights. Interactive-Journal. Integrated. The Derived from years of research, experience, and lessons learned along the way from leaders like Michelle Obama and a host of high profile influencers, this power and influence leadership training series shares a few lessons learned from veteran fighters that empower women to rise-up as leaders and disrupt the status quo.  Focused on building core expertise in fortifying your personal brand, mastering negotiation and deal making skills, this unique master series will enable you to become the ultimate influencer, brander and persuader.

Designed to work separately and together, this six-book series provides maximum flexibility, in a limited amount of time and propels you to not just lean-in, but rise-up to beat the odds by deploying outside-the-box thinking, strategies, and forward moving action plans.

Full Series and Online Courses included with Executive Membership.

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Non-Fiction Works
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