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Come v. Trump?

Obstruction of Justice. Finding Grandma's Bible

No. But, in this creative nonfiction work, author Raye Mitchell takes you on a roller coaster of emotions when Mitchell challenges a big corporate machine and their high-priced, lawyers who stole hundreds of thousands of dollarshousehold property goes missing and presumed stolen by the corporate giant U-Haul self-storage and moving company. In this legal drama and mystery, Mitchell challenges the corporate machine and their high-priced, lawyers.

Obstruction of Justice is not just legal jargon or the self-inflicted wounds of a President striving to avoid discovery of his involvement with the Russians meddling in the 2016 US elections or a probe into his sorted financial history with Deutsche Bank; it is also the obstacles ordinary people face every day in their search for justice and fairness when facing high-powered, wealthy opposition and BigCompanies who do wrong.  But, how far will wrongdoers go to block an investigation into the truth? This non-fiction story is really about justice, fairness and being Black while litigating. What is life like for a badass Black female litigator fighting to find justice in an unjust civil justice system? Part mystery, part commentary on race and gender inequality in the civil justice system, Obstruction of Justice. Obstruction of Justice. Finding Grandma’s Bible tells a story of what happens when a Black woman attorney takes on BigCompany and BigLaw intent on winning at all costs.


Even as the majority of Americans demand accountability and justice from the President, we are being put on hold. Let’s be honest: justice comes easier to some people than others.  In this book, the reader gets an inside look at how big money  players and their BigLaw firms try to kill the search for the truth, even as to everyday matters such as the theft of a cherished family bible.

Fiction Works

The Harvard Litigator Series

The Harvard Litigator Series is a new and refreshing legal drama series inspired by true events. Zola Penelope Roberson, aka ZP, is a good natured-badass Black female Harvard Law School-trained attorney who is forced out of retirement to fight for the underdogs. She is a ‘fixer’ for the little guy.


After 20 years running a successful entertainment law practice, Zola decides to leave the full-time practice of law to start a foundation helping girls and women. She spends her time as a writer, globe-trotter and aspiring film-maker. Like many writers, Zola is always working on that next bestseller while she spends her time


Working in the community is how Zola defines herself. She has always worked hard through her life to achieve the “greatness” that she now passes to girls and young women. Despite tough times in her past, she has proven to be a cunning and resilient victor, attaining many impressive accomplishments academically and professionally. Presenting a delightfully friendly smile and temperament, Zola is not one to be crossed when it comes to protecting her clients from injustice, unfairness and wrongdoers.


Her passion and purpose for fighting for women and girls is also the reason she will come out of retirement to take on BigCompanies and BigLaw firms that try to manipulate the civil justice system and deny justice to the little guy. She is not an Olivia Pope or Annalise Keating or Olivia Pope, she is a fierce competitor and would never walk away from or back down from a fight.


Zola, now officially retired, is having the greatest time in her life freeing herself of the old rules of what it takes to make an impact in this world. In this new series, Zola finds herself taking on complex cases that often prove dangerous to her own safety.  This series gives the reader an inside look at what it is really like to be a Black woman litigator. Zola’s adventures prove that high stakes civil litigation can be anything but civil.


Despite being a woman of passion and purpose, ZP is known for her love of a good pair of shoes. She does not live for a great pair of Prada™, Christian Louboutin™ or Manolo Blahnik™, but would definitely work a little overtime to get a pair.

We Go High

© 2018 by Raye Mitchell/The Winning Edge Institute B-Corp, Inc.

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