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The inaugural 2017 program catalog provides an overview of our top level open enrollment programs., events and eLearning experiences. Designed for any woman that wants to dream big and achieve big.


Are you ready to:


  • Take charge of your destiny

  • Break away from stereotypes that might hold you back and limit you from achieving your greatness

  • Gain the power to change your life, your family situation, your community, your nation or your global community

  • Claim your success as an influencer important to the future of the global community and you are ready to prepare yourself to rise

  • Change the game on how you will achieve your dreams and get some inside tips on how to achieve success

  • Stay the course and are unwilling to be deterred, give-up or to be discouraged when pursuing your dreams to be successful

  • Dream big, act like a success and want a plan of action to achieve it

  • Do the work necessary to achieve your dreams

  • Start building those defining moments in your life that will create positive change and success

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