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    The mission of the Winning Edge Institute is to transform the lives of our member community by providing them with the state of the art tools to enhance their winning edge to rise-up to become better leaders; be stronger storytellers, writers, and influencers; and to be managers of their personal brands.

Our Motto:

"Don'd just lean-in, when you can rise-up."



     The Winning Edge Institute, a new independent program of the non-profit foundation of The New Reality Foundation, Inc. and is a certified social impact company dedicated to building a globally connected leadership training community for women and girls and women and girls of color through to generate impact, and define solutions through an integrated platform of research, technology, philanthropy, leadership training, and advocacy.


    Our vision is to build a powerful framework that funds our philanthropic efforts to support women and girls, women and girls of color and the drive for global inclusion and equality for women and girls in the United States and around the world.


   Born out of years of preparation, we launched in November 2017 in support of all women and girls who dare to dream big.


  • Become a better leader.

  • Build great skills.

  • Negotiate like a winner.

  • Expand your influence.

  • Accelerate your agility.

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